Netherlands An Emerging Epicenter for VR Innovation

Published by , May 30, 2016 4:35 am

(VentureBeat)  The Netherlands is emerging as an epicenter for virtual reality (VR) innovation. While Dutch startups have sprung up only very recently in this space, they’ve done so in large numbers — and they’re highly concentrated in the content creation end of the supply chain. Adriaan Rijkens, who runs the country’s top VR meetup events, estimates the majority of the companies in his country, are content agencies, paid by their clients for each project they take on, so they haven’t had to worry about product/market fit or venture funding. The majority are also run by local entrepreneurs.
Overall, the Netherlands has built an infrastructure for facilitating innovation. The government has made it easy and affordable for companies to incorporate, and recently instituted the startup visa scheme as a way to attract foreign entrepreneurs. It is always in the top 10 rankings for countries with the fastest Internet speeds. And the educational system, particularly the polytechnic institutions, churns out a steady supply of creative problem-solvers.