NBA Wants to Replicate Courtside Experience for Fans with VR and AR

Published by , November 19, 2018 2:52 pm

( NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently outlined some possible VR and AR enhancements to the fan experience. “You may be holding up your iPhone and you may be getting additional information live,” he said.
Silver revealed that the league had approached several leading technology companies and offered them a challenge to replicate the courtside experience. One option is to accomplish this through VR. “What we set out to do,” Silver said, “is we said, ‘all right, first of all, only about one percent of our fans globally ever get to go to a game in person. And then take the tiny percent, the Jack Nicholsons of the world, who actually sit in those seats, courtside. And then the challenge became, how can we replicate that experience?’

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