Mozilla Announces New Open-Source Browser Compatible With Any AR or VR Headset

Published by , April 9, 2018 2:14 pm

( Mozilla has announced the launch of Firefox Reality, a new open-source browser that aims to be compatible with any VR or AR headset. Since most headset developers already have their own, like Microsoft or Oculus, what Mozilla plans to do is create a common one that makes it easy for manufacturers to work with— regardless of the hardware they’re using.
Firefox Reality could be the beginning of a shift in how we access the Internet. The browser will work with HTC Vive Focus and HTC Vive Wave platform devices, with plans to open testing for various other platforms. “Other solutions for browsing and accessing the web on stand-alone headsets exist, but they are closed, and platform specific. Firefox Reality will be independent and will work on a wide variety of devices and platforms,” reads the company’s announcement.