Microsoft Opens New Studio for VR & AR Content

Published by , October 30, 2017 12:23 pm

(ZDNet) Microsoft has opened a new studio at its Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco which is home to the flagship Mixed Reality Capture Studio and its Mixed Reality Academy. It already has capture studios at its Redmond headquarters and one in London, run by Dimension Studios. The studios aim to help partners, creative agencies, studios, application developers, and others to create the best immersive mixed reality content.
The studios will need some heavy duty data storage equipment. The studios use 106 cameras to capture performances. Its computer vision algorithms then create 3D surfaces of whatever the cameras capture. The camera system outputs a whopping 10GB of raw footage per second. It then compresses the holographic video for easier transmission and viewing. Microsoft says it can compress play back down to about the same bandwidths as HD video.

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