Metastage Opens Volumetric Capture Studio for VR & AR Holograms

Published by , August 20, 2018 2:45 pm

(BizJournals.LosAngeles) Metastage has opened a Microsoft-powered volumetric capture studio in Culver City. The studio is the first U.S. partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios. The company offers high-quality mixed-reality (MR) capture and production for virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic experiences. Metastage aims to make MR solutions reliably accessible so that creators in any field can include people, animals and moving objects in their immersive experiences that look like the real thing.
“Metastage is capturing incredible performances that can be viewed as if the person were standing right in front of you,” said CEO Christina Heller in a statement. “Whether using a VR or AR headset, a 2D screen or simply on a mobile phone, instinct kicks in and you may find yourself trying to reach out to touch them, like many of us have.”