Merge’s AR/VR Goggles & Cube Device for Children Now On Sale at Walmart

Published by , August 14, 2017 1:39 pm

(PSK) Merge, a toy company specializing in virtual reality, wants the products they develop to be accessible to everyone. So far, Merge have launched two products to Walmart: their VR/AR Goggles and, just recently, the Merge Cube, a physical object for users to directly interact with digital images they see on a screen.
The Merge Goggles look like a typical virtual reality device and fit over a user’s head as as young as 10. Instead of relying on a large computer, the user can simply download the Merge application onto their smartphone and slide it to the front of the headset. The material used for the device makes it far more durable and portable. While the Goggles were made for those from age 10 and above, the Merge cube was intended for younger audiences for their first ever virtual reality experience.

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