‘Made in China’ HMDs Competing with Oculus and Google Cardboard in China

Published by , May 15, 2016 11:10 pm

(Variety) Facebook is banned in China, so the company can’t sell the Oculus Rift there. The ban also is blocking Samsung from selling its Gear VR headset, which is based on Oculus software. And Google has long been absent in China to avoid the country’s censorship requirements, so the company isn’t officially promoting Google Cardboard there either. This has led to a vacuum for VR that local Chinese developers are filling.
VR and AR were everywhere at CES Asia in Shanghai last week. Chinese-produced VR headsets were seemingly  at every other booth and drawing crowds. Many are viewing this as a chance to go neck-on-neck with, and maybe even leapfrog, Western VR players. “For Chinese companies, we don’t always want to be the follower,” said 3glasses CEO Wang Jie during a CES Asia conference VR panel. “We also want to be the leader.

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