Low-Cost VR Headsets Could Drive Next Industrial Robotic Revolution

Published by , November 13, 2017 12:39 pm

(Quartz)  Low-cost VR headsets could be the key to teaching industrial robots how to do more complex jobs in a shorter amount of time says Pieter Abbeel, president and co-founder of the startup Embodied Intelligence. Abbeel has the track record to back up those claims—the roboticist and UC Berkeley professor left the Elon Musk-backed research company OpenAI to start the venture, along with colleagues from Berkeley and the Musk lab.
Through the AI-based software the company is developing, industrial robot arms would learn to imitate motions that humans make while wearing a VR headset and controllers. If you want a robot to snake wiring through a car door, do the motion in VR, and the robot will attempt it in real life.

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