Lenovo’s VR Headsets Has Business Users in Mind

Published by , January 9, 2017 9:06 am

(BusinessNewsDaily)  Lenovo’s headsets are set to launch sometime in mid-2017, and will be priced between $300 and 400. That will make Lenovo’s headsets one of the least expensive VR headsets on the market, which is good for businesses on a budget. Workers will be interested in a range of productivity tasks that Lenovo envisions for the device. The headset can create a virtual space where employees can view and practice work tasks without ever leaving the training room.
Lenovo thinks that headsets like this one might also catch on for more mundane business tasks. For example, they might make simple Skype meetings more immersive. You could also view email, social media and web browsers projected virtually into your work space.

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