Lenovo Introduces Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom with Customized Lesson Plans from Scholastic.

Published by , March 12, 2018 3:25 pm

(LenovoBlog)  Lenovo has introduced Lenovo Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom, which allows students to experience virtual field trips from their classroom. Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom focuses on delivering a robust teaching and learning VR experience and aims to create a blended learning environment that is content-rich, immersive, and easy-to-use. Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom contains pre-loaded software filled with rich content developed by Scholastic, and the package includes a commercial warranty, premier-level support and professional development.
Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom headsets come pre-loaded with more than 700 available Google Expeditions VR field trips and exclusive Wild Immersion content, created with the support of Jane Goodall. Teachers can bring STEM lessons to life through this immersive learning and take students on biodiversity journeys through Africa, Asia, the Amazon, and more. Together, with Google Expeditions and the Wild Immersion content, teachers can use Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom for nearly every subject.

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