Journalism’s Pioneers Bringing Immersive VR Experiences to the News Business

Published by , April 10, 2017 1:07 pm

(VRFocus)  Journalism’s pioneers are tapping the power of virtual reality to add another element to immersive journalism – they are placing the reader inside the actual piece as an observer. In virtual reality, the reader feels witness to an actual scene and not separated by the flat tv screen.
Nonie De la Peña introduced her first journalism VR creation at Sundance in 2012. The feature created strong emotional response of the participant. Her work started a snowball effect. It changed careers of other journalism professionals, Dan Pacheco, lead program director of VR journalism at Syracuse said: ”I was completely floored by that experience (almost literally — I remember sitting down after taking off the goggles), and it changed the way that I think about what we do in journalism.” Dan Pacheco will speak and lead a panel on VR and Journalism at the upcoming Seoul Virtual Reality Summit June 28-30.

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