Job-Search-Industry Noticing Upward Trend in VR Hiring Market

Published by , May 15, 2016 11:08 pm

(3DVRCentral) Though still early, some in the job-search industry are noticing a trend in the VR hiring market. One jobs platform seeing a jump is end-to-end talent acquisition platform SmartRecruiters—a San Francisco-based firm that processed 1.5 million jobs in the past year and handles recruiting responsibilities for some 700 customers. According to SmartRecruiters numbers, more VR job postings have cropped up in the first quarter of this year than all of 2015. is also noticing an uptick in VR jobs, although the numbers are still low. The company saw about 2 virtual reality job postings per 1 million job ads in 2014, as compared to 18 for every million jobs currently—an increase of about 800%. Companies currently posting VR jobs on include players like Samsung, Google, IBM, Facebook, Apple and Intel. The jobs that are posted now, they’re very technical—they’re mostly software engineering-related work. They’re not marketing or sales jobs.

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