iVeneration to Offer Virtual Headstones in VR to Honor Deceased Loved Ones

Published by , November 27, 2017 1:57 pm

(Electronics360) A Hong Kong entrepreneur is using virtual reality to help Chinese families honor their deceased loved ones. Anthony Yau’s firm, iVeneration.com, offers users the ability to create virtual headstones anywhere in an augmented reality landscape of Hong Kong, including such unlikely places as a downtown park. Families can “visit” the VR cemetery at any time, even if the cremated remains have been spread at sea or in the mountains, or if the family was forced to use a cemetery many miles away.
Citizens of crowded cities and sprawling urban centers are increasingly finding it challenging to find room to bury their dead. Cemeteries are filling up, and the scarcity of space often means families must choose cremation or burial at sea. But in Hong Kong especially, the choices are limiting. In Hong Kong, 90 percent of the deceased are reportedly cremated, but there is still little room for the urns to be stored in public columbariums and the fees can be upwards of $100,000.