Immersive learning Technologies Available to Enhance Learning & Education

Published by , October 1, 2018 1:50 pm

(EdTechTimes) Several types of immersive tech or extended reality (xR) are becoming accessible to educators and companies. Currently, the most popular types of xR are augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. Five companies that are using AR, VR and MR to enhance education are described in this article:
1) Google Earth VR allows mapping to be experienced in virtual reality, bringing the viewer directly into the area of the world they want to be in.
2) Google Expeditions takes students on field trips via AR and VR, allowing students to explore without ever leaving the classroom.
3) Lifeliqe’s technology is enhanced with 3D models so science learning can be visual, hands-on and interactive for students. The digital program includes over 1,300 3D and AR models and over 700 lessons plans to help each STEM.
4) Unity’s technology can help make creative ideas into enveloping realities, creating new education technology for learning apps, games and simulations.
5) Microsoft Mixed Reality is changing workforce training methods. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers business applications to make learning new skills more exciting.