Google’s DayDream Team Experimenting with VR for Training

Published by , July 24, 2017 12:55 pm

(DigitalTrends) Google’s DayDream team has been experimenting with virtual reality as a training medium. In an experiment that walked people through the functions of a virtual coffee machine, it found that the VR trainees learned far quicker and more effectively than those trained using videos alone.
The test pitted two groups against one another, charging each with the operation of an espresso machine that none had come across before. The first group was only allowed to watch YouTube videos showing its operation, while the latter was given a virtual copy to play with in HTC Vive-powered virtual reality. Each team was given as much time with their respective training tools as they wanted. In terms of the speed of learning, video viewers typically watched three run-throughs of the machine’s use before being able to make an espresso that was considered passable. In comparison, the VR testers were able to perform the same task after just two run-throughs of the simulation.

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