Google Using VR Audio SDK to Build Resonance Audio Product

Published by , November 20, 2017 12:27 pm

(TechCrunch)  Google is taking some of the tech from its VR Audio SDK and building it into a more comprehensive spatial audio product called Resonance Audio that works across mobile and desktop platforms.
Google wants to use the SDK to replicate “how real sound waves interact with human ears and with the environment.” How it does this is through accounting for how physical objects and environments distort the sound we hear in real life and replicating those in virtual scenarios.
Resonance allows developers to not only specify the sources of sound within a scene but also shift how that audio moves directionally so you’re not hearing the same feedback when you walk back behind a digital character as you would when you’re right in front of their face. Resonance works with game engines like Unity and Unreal and has plug-ins available for a number of other editing suites, so it should fit in rather snugly with existing workflows.

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