Google Announces Daydream Platform for VR on Android

Published by , May 23, 2016 12:16 am

(RoadToVR) Google has announced its Daydream, the company’s new platform for native, high performance virtual reality experiences on Android. Daydream is Google’s newly revealed Android VR ecosystem—encompassing specialized phones, headsets, and apps—which promises to significantly raise the bar on Google’s prior Cardboard initiative. Google VR team said, “…our intention [for Daydream] is to operate at Android scale, meaning hundreds of millions of users using Daydream devices. And the way we get there is through the typical smartphone evolution: where today’s premium devices—the ones that can run VR experiences—are next year’s mid-range, and the following year’s low end devices.”
Daydream promises to raise the quality bar up to a Gear VR-level experiences, but will be built as a core element of the entire Android ecosystem, giving it much larger potential reach than Gear VR, which is limited to a subset of phones from a single manufacturer.

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