Free Webinar Tomorrow: ‘Designing VR Capture Strategies,’ Tuesday October 18 at 12 PM PST

Published by , October 17, 2016 12:35 am

(VirtualRealitySummitWebinar) Virtual Reality Summit and the AR/VR Association are co-sponsoring a free “Designing VR Capture Strategies” webinar in a complimentary preview showcasing the quality of the upcoming Virtual Reality Summit conference lineup. In 45 minutes the presenters will walk through two strategies crafted for large brands which entered the VR scene in 2016 – SeaWorld and the Sacramento Kings. Hear VRTUL and Adam Snell talk about their design experiences, the VR cameras they built, production pipeline, and ultimately the final deliverables which furthered the brand creative vision and made their clients VR believers.
Led by:
Casey Sapp, CEO of VRTUL
Matt DeJohn, VP of Production for VRTUL
Adam Osfield Snell, VR Director
Click here for complete details and free registration.

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