Facebook’s Big Plans for Virtual Reality

Published by , August 1, 2016 12:58 am

(Bloomberg)  In a wide ranging interview, Mark  Zuckerberg talks about the idea building a NASA-like research park for VR. “This is early, and it’s going to be a long-term thing,” he says. “This is a good candidate to be the next major computing platform. It’s worthy of a lot of investment over a long period.” He often talks of connecting the world. But with virtual reality, the terms of that connection have been upped exponentially.
A decade ago, people online mostly shared text. “Then we all got good cameras that were attached to our phones, and it got a bit richer,” Zuckerberg says. “And now we’re at the beginning of this—we call it the golden age of online video, and that’s just richer. Photos are richer than text; video, much richer than photos. But that’s not the end, right? I mean, it’s like this indefinite continuum of getting closer and closer to being able to capture what a person’s natural experience and thought is, and just being able to immediately capture that and design it.

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