Educational Value of VR Puts Students in Middle of Simulations

Published by , August 29, 2016 2:10 am

(EdTech)  What once was the stuff of heavy, dusty textbooks can come alive in a child’s imagination, thanks to several companies that have invested in VR technology and schools that have adopted VR also has to be educational in order to be useful in schools. It has to become another integral part of a teacher’s toolkit. Luckily, the usefulness of VR goes beyond taking field trips.
“Anytime you want to have an inside view of something — an atom, a magnetic field, the human body, or a building — VR is really going to help you,” education tech expert Jeff Jacobson told THEJournal for a June article titled, “Augmented and Virtual Reality: Where Is the Educational Value?” Jacobson is the executive director of Boston-based PublicVR, a nonprofit that researches and develops VR software for education. “For anything having to do with simulation of active things like physics problems or climate change patterns, if being in the middle of the simulation is helpful, then VR helps you,” Jacobson says.

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