EchoPixel VR Tech Helps Doctors Examine Internal Organs

Published by , May 9, 2016 4:29 am

(TechCrunch)  Medical imaging startup EchoPixel lets doctors pinpoint problem areas from CT scans using 3D glasses and a special display. EchoPixel CTO Sergio Aguirre says “It’s really a shame that doctors today are still using the same 2D images designed in 1880.” But with ExoPixel, internal organs pop off the screen like holograms so doctors can virtually examine a patient from any angle.
EchoPixel already has the go-ahead from the FDA, and will now seek approvals for Europe and Asia. The startup just raised a $5.8 million seed round, and is now selling three-year subscriptions to its technology for $25,000 a year

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