Dream Launches Tool that Enables People to View Websites on Chrome Browser in VR

Published by , October 8, 2018 1:01 pm

(VentureBeat) Dream has been working on an online collaboration tool that enables people to view web sites on the Chrome browser in virtual reality. It’s like the operating system for virtual reality, and it is available for free on the Oculus Store. Dream enables you to create a user account in VR. A virtual keyboard appears and you use your pointed forefingers to type on the keys on the keyboard. You can also create your own virtual character, or avatar, in VR.
Dream seems like a meta operating system, just as the browser is perceived as a meta OS on top of Windows. Dream sits on a host OS now, like Windows, but in the long term, that could change. There are no Dream development tools yet, but that is a future task.

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