Dodsworth, Director of Strategy and Product Development for SimEx, Keynotes at VR Summit in Seoul

Published by , June 12, 2017 1:56 pm

(VirtualRealitySummit.Seoul2017) Clark Dodsworth, Director of Strategy and Product Development for SimEx is a featured keynote speaker at Virtual Reality Summit in Korea.  Dodsworth will provide his perspective on the funded out-of-home VR experiments: Void, Zero Latency, IMAXVR, VRCades, and others he’s investigated in other settings such as aquariums. He will then broaden to include AR, and point out some of the things both can do better than other tools, specifically in delivering a thoroughly impactful sense of scale, and the first person perspective.
Dodsworth will also discuss the non-visual sensory modalitites for two reasons; i.e., the profound improvement of the illusion of presence when spatialized audio is well-implemented and integral to the experience, and the over-emphasis on the visual sense, which makes the illusion more fragile and less palpable than a multisensory illusion.
The event is fast-approaching June 28-20, register here for a lineup of presentations that represent the thought leaders in AR/VR.

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