Dena Nord to Discuss ‘Museum Experience with VR & AR’ at The Future of Immersive Leisure in Las Vegas

Published by , August 28, 2017 1:58 pm

(FutureOfImmersiveLeisure) Dena Nord, Artist and Partner at Odvant Creative, LLC, will present “Reinventing the Museum Experience with VR and AR” at the Future of Immersive Leisure in Las Vegas. In this interview, she explains “I am always trying to find a way to make content creation easier for smaller budgets. As an artist, I see huge opportunities for AR to further fine art, but in experience so far, it has been challenging. Without paying for branded apps, the amount of steps needed to experience AR using todays apps are too many. I believe AR is the gateway to get immersive technologies more known and accepted.” Click here to register and hear more from Nord and others in Las Vegas at the upcoming Future of Immersive Leisure organized by Rising Media.
Dena Nord blends together technology with an organic process to create vivid interactive paintings. Her artwork brings statements to walls by offering abstract visual playgrounds for the eye. Her plant-like layouts seem to radiate with rhythm on the canvas. She is a founding member of Spectacle art group, who wish is to use technology to enhance visual art.

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