DeepSeeVR: Orca 360 Opens at San Diego Sea World

Published by , July 24, 2017 12:57 pm

(SanDiegoUnionTribune) DeepSeeVR: Orca 360, opened this month only at the San Diego Sea World park. The new attraction relies on live-action, stereoscopic video that SeaWorld boasts has never been seen before and which was created just for the virtual reality journey.
There is a $10 charge for the VR experience. Up to 10 people can be accommodated in a small room called the Simlab, designed as a futuristic laboratory with large, eggshell-shaped chairs that swivel and recline. A SeaWorld employee, dressed in a white lab coat, distributes special virtual reality goggles and a headset, and soon after you’re immersed in a 7-1/2-minute visit with a half dozen orcas, as well as trainers who acquaint you with the whales’ world above and below water.

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