Cyber Security in AR/VR Games

Published by , October 24, 2016 9:59 am

(ITProPortal) The vulnerabilities of online gaming overlaid with the uniquely more personal/intimate interface of AR/VR applications means the consequences of security lapses could be more immediate even than theft and identity fraud. Early reports about this year’s new Pokemon that took the world by storm suggest that AR (and VAR) applications are just as vulnerable to data hacks and malware as other systems.
Some suggested areas for consideration which may prove helpful. Limit access by your app to other data and sensors on the mobile device to what’s essential for the app to function. Arrange default settings so that minimum data are collected. Remember that the less data you have, the less can be lost/stolen/misused by a third party. Early coding on Pokémon Go! reportedly meant that full Google account access was granted to the app, which would have included the ability to read Google mails on iOS (even if that didn’t happen).

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