Canadian & Chinese Companies Partner to Develop Mixed Reality English Language Learning Programs

Published by , November 13, 2017 12:39 pm

(VRFocus)  MRC Education Services Canada has embarked on a joint venture with JIAHE Technology Company to test out a new approach to English language learning. By integrating mixed reality technology with other technologies such as voice over IP, students in China can engage with native language tutors in an immersive environment.
Demand for English language tutors continues to rise in China as its economy expands. By using MR, tutors can communicate one-on-one with students without needing to travel. In addition, it has long been recognised that one of the best ways to gain fluency in a language is to be immersed in the language and the surrounding culture, using MR offers a substitute for this, allowing students and tutors to engage in natural dialogue about the virtual environment around them.

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