Buddhist Monk Recreating Historical Era in Japan with EDO VR Project

Published by , May 23, 2016 12:15 am

(MotherBoard) A Buddhist monk turned tech entrepreneur wants to bring the Edo Period form 1603 to 1868 in Japan back to reality with his project EDO VR.“The Edo period was a very unique period in Japanese history, yet there’s not much visual evidence from this period,” the monk Oishi Shinkyo said in an interview. “I really want people from the present to learn about this period while having fun.”
Shinkyo is collaborating with art historian Nobuo Nakamura to recreate a famous street that stretches from one area of Tokyo (Nihonbashi) to another (Kanda) based off of a famous Japanese handscroll artwork called the Kidai Shoran. In the preliminary mockup, you can see traditional streets and buildings crisscrossed with people from the Japan of old.

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