BMW’s Vision Next Concept Car Has AR Display and the “Companion”

Published by , March 13, 2016 6:13 pm

(TheVerge) BMW has introduced the Vision Next 100 concept car at its Munich headquarters. The entire windshield is an augmented reality display, which takes the place of every single dashboard display. There are also 800 triangles embedded in the dash, which BMW calls Alive Geometry. These multicolor polygons apparently communicate “very directly with the driver through their movements, which are more like gestures than two-dimensional depictions on a display.”
The Vision Next 100 includes the “Companion,” a gemstone-like object that “symbolizes the intelligence, connectivity and availability” of the car that learns about the owner over time and can eventually “perform routine tasks” and “offer advice.” It moves depending on the car’s current mode, signaling to nearby pedestrians when it’s safe to cross in autonomous mode.

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