BC Investors Lagging Behind Silicon Valley Funds for VR & AR Companies in Vancouver

Published by , April 9, 2018 2:14 pm

(BCBusiness) Metro Vancouver has nurtured talent in the animation and 3D spaces for 40 years in its capacity as Hollywood North. The city has become home to some of the largest special-effects stages in North America. Upward of 180 VR and AR companies are taking advantage of that local expertise, creating enterprise solutions for sectors from retail to real estate.The VR/AR activity is a boon for investors. But according to local entrepreneurs, British Columbia’s venture capitalists are missing out.
Meanwhile, Silicon Valley–based venture capitalists have funded between 10 and 30 early-stage VR and AR companies. In Canada, there are far fewer investors, and most are only supporting one startup. As a result, profits from an industry predicted to be worth up to US$215 billion by 2021, according to market intelligence provider International Data Corp., are passing local venture capitalists by.