AssembleAR Turns Paper IDEA Manuals into AR-Animated Instructions

Published by , April 2, 2018 1:14 pm

(Dezeen)  AssembleAR turns paper IKEA manuals into an augmented reality app that shows users life-size instructions on how to build their furniture. Scanning the IKEA’s product’s barcode opens an animated version of the instruction manual.
Although the app focuses on IKEA products, it isn’t an official app from the company. Toronto designer Adam Pickard simply wanted to “experiment with the potential of this type of technology, rather than presenting a finished user experience.”
After the IKEA Place app was released last year, which allowed users to preview products in a home setting, Pickard wanted to develop a similar programme that could make the sometimes painstaking process of putting together flat-pack furniture easier.
“It made me think about how this technology could be used for more complex tasks, the IKEA assembly manual seemed the right place to start,” Pickard said.

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