AR Will Be the Next Customer Channel

Published by , February 12, 2018 3:17 pm

(CMSWire)  Augmented reality (AR) technology, increasingly familiar in games or Snapchat face filters, superimposes digital images on a phone-screen view of the real world to deliver a composite of the two. Accessing the AR experience isn’t limited by the expense or awkwardness of additional equipment that restricts more immersive virtual reality (VR) technologies. All you need for AR is a decent smartphone with a camera.
There’s already growing of evidence of AR being used to enhance the customer experience. In retail, the IKEA Place app lets you see how furniture from IKEA’s catalog will appear in your home through true-to-scale 3-D models that can be selected, moved and viewed through your phone. Businesses will increasingly use AR in training and instruction programs, to further the “do it yourself” mindset.

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