AR? VR? Chatbots? What is the Future of Google Search?

Published by , February 12, 2017 11:03 pm

(GadgetsNDTV) In a recent interview in India, Google’s Vice President of Engineering Shashidhar Thakur discussed the future of search, i.e., will augmented reality and chatbots replace search queries? He explained the switch to mobile has changed the context in which we were engaging with search. Today, he sees this playing out in two ways – virtual and physical. By virtual, we’re referring to Chatbots, which he says could well become the norm for Search.
Thakur says only time will tell how chatbots are going to change search. On the other hand, the one thing that he has a fairly definite answer is augmented reality and virtual reality. “These are going to be real game-changers, and they’re going to be future platforms, but they’re not here yet,” he says. “Right now the focus is going to be on getting the graphics right, getting the hardware optimised, and the early adopter distribution. So all of that is going to be sorted out first. Then you’ll have services like games, videos and so on, and it’s only at that point that search enters the picture. It’s going to be big, but it’s not the next thing, it’s still in development.”