AR and VR Startups Vital to Driving Apps and Content Development

Published by , September 5, 2016 10:29 am

(Forbes) There have been 225 VR/AR-related venture capital investments over the past two years where massive $3.5 billion being fueled into the startups. Startups need to understand is that they are vital in developing these apps and software content that serve as the main engine driving the VR market.
Augmented realityis harder to implement in scale mainly due to current limitations in software content. However, AR holds a promise that is unmatched to virtual reality. This is already being showcased to some degree in various private sectors such as adtech industry, fashion & beauty, entertainment and also education. A mix of real objects and creativity borne out of augmented reality, when infused with advanced drivers such as the AI or robotics, can create a powerfully rich and sensational experience beyond the current realms of VR goggles.

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