AR a Focus on List of Technology Predictions for 2018

Published by , January 8, 2018 2:25 pm

(AndroidHeadlines)  Technology experts put together a discussion of the trends they forecast for 2018. Those include: 1) 2018 seems to be the year that will mark the focus on augmented reality. 2) Artificial intelligence is already being worked into products and it’s already in some of the products that we have now, as is machine learning. Devices like Amazon’s line of Echo Speakers, Google’s line of Home speakers, and many of the products that work with both of those. 3) Building off of the A.I. prediction, digital assistants will definitely be more front and center this year. Dual cameras are already becoming more and more common on smartphones these days, and in fact have been becoming more common on phones throughout 2017. 4) Apps will more voice-driven by incorporating the integration with Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and other digital assistants, making them much easier to use as certain features will be available to activate by voice so users don’t have to interact with them by touching the smartphone display.

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