Apple Acquires Vrvana for $30 Million

Published by , November 27, 2017 1:56 pm

(TechTimes)  Apple has reportedly acquired Vrvana, a Canadian startup that crowdfunded a camera-based AR and virtual reality headset called the “Totem.” It’s still unclear how Apple plans to implement Vrvana’s technology into its own AR development. One plausible scenario sees Apple taking the aforementioned Totem, which fuses both AR and VR technology to create a headset that supports both experiences, then utilizing it for its own variation. Whether Apple’s headset will come with its own screen remains uncertain, because Apple could make a model that requires an iPhone to work.
A number of Vrvana employees have migrated to Apple’s headquarters in California as part of the transition. The startup’s site and social media accounts remain live, but they’ve stopped updating since this past August.

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