AMD’s Sulon Q Combines AR and VR for ‘Spatial Computing’

Published by , March 20, 2016 11:30 pm

(Engadget)  AMD has partnered with Candaian startup, Sulon, to release Sulon Q which they claim to be “the world’s first and only all-in-one headset” for “virtual reality, augmented reality, and spatial computing.” This is the world’s first tether-free all-in-one headset that combines AR, VR and spatial computing in a single device. That means that instead of attaching it to a computer, or relying on a smartphone, like the Gear VR, the Q is a computer in and of itself — it even has a battery pack attached. Think of it as wearing a computer on your face.
The headset combines the features of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to achieve AMD’s minted “Spatial Computing” which allows its users to place Windows 10 application windows in space and control them using Minority Report-style gestures.

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