Alibaba Announces In-House VR Research Lab ‘Gnome Magic”

Published by , March 20, 2016 11:31 pm

(TechNode) Alibaba has announced the launch of its in-house VR research lab, dubbed the ‘GnomeMagic’ Lab after the inventor characters from World of Warcraft, together with the details of their VR strategy. The lab is overseen by a group of lead engineers from Alibaba’s wireless and architecture divisions, the firm added.
The company’s plan for the VR lab stems from its core e-commerce business. For its first-ever project, the “Crater”, GnomeMagic Lab is going to develop a 3D virtual warehouse with a view to integrate VR into the shopping experience. Alibaba claims to have completed 3D modeling for hundreds of products and will accelerate the process with standard modeling tools.

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