Advertisers Developing VR Projects Need to Re-Imagine How to Frame Experiences

Published by , September 26, 2016 2:23 am

(MediaPost) The best results for VR-enabled brand advertising may come from re-imagining how to frame experiences, rather than adapting current practices to the new format according to Dave Meeker, VP of Isobar U.S. Meeker says that while complexity might seem daunting to agencies starting to enter the world of VR-based advertising experiences, that the technical aspect will become less of a barrier moving forward. “Agencies don’t need to get more technical. The tools used to create VR content will become easier to use.”
Virtual reality breaks down into three distinct categories, which range on a scale between pure media and interactive experience, according to Meeker. 1) Passive experiences, which is most 360 videos; 2) The second level is the Oculus kind of Headmount VR content which is interactive, but it’s not room-scale; 3) “The third level is immersive, with room-scale, which lets the viewer move around and interact in physical space.”

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