Cosmetic Design Producers Using VR to Market to Chemists and Formulators

Published by , November 14, 2016 12:29 am

(CosmeticsDesign) At a recent cosmetics event, two cosmetic suppliers used VR technology to attract the attention of chemists and formulators
Givaudan created a VR Cosmetics Design that lets the viewer descent into the skin and look around at various cells and components as a voice over points out features and skin activities. The app and cardboard headset of Sky Odyssey is available to customers and sales associates as an educational program. Lubrizol’s VR experience encouraged viewer participation beyond head movement and gave the user mechanical looking hands or pull levels and tap buttons. This is meant to educate users about the Carbopol SMART polymers, and the experience is a videogame like experiences that steps the user through a formulation task.

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